Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day Recap + Motherhood Lately

As I've said many times becoming a Mom was the best thing that ever happened to me. The girls have made me a better person. I'm happier than I've ever been in my life and I love life more now that they are in it. I am more patient, loving, forgiving and overall more positive because of my girls. With motherhood comes tantrums, sleepless nights, whining and crying, and the girls hitting me or each other. It's not easy! Recently there have been a couple times when Ellie just does not listen to me at all and will refuse to do something when I ask her to, which makes it extremely difficult and frustrating when we are trying to get out of the door for school in the morning. Twice she has hit me and it really upset me- not actually because she hit me, but because I didn't know how to help her. As I always do during a tantrum, I told her I am here for a hug when she is ready. It just made me really sad that I didn't know what to do to calm her down. Both times I told her later in the day that we are not allowed to hit anyone and when she hits me it really hurts and makes me really sad. She seems really apologetic and after the tantrum clings to my side and tells me how much she loves me. These situations are very challenging, but it's so important that we (her and I and my husband and I) find ways to help her express her feelings in a better way. One thing I haven't done in a while is have a date with just Ellie. I think both girls need that and I want to do that as soon as I'm able to with my schedule. I also promised her that her Daddy and I would take just her to buy her a new bike (her big birthday present) and she is excited for that time with us. Summer also has a new thing where when she gets upset she sits down, crosses her arms and pouts. It's actually pretty cute. However, 80% of the time they are great listeners and very helpful and fun to be around!

My Mother's Day gift to myself was a massage Saturday evening. It was so nice and relaxing. Afterwards, I ate at my favorite sushi restaurant. Sunday we went early to my favorite brunch spot, Cake. They opened at 10, but they do not take reservations so we knew we had to get in line early. We were second in line and as they opened the line was down the block. The food did not disappoint (my favorite is their French toast). It was delicious and filled me up till dinner. After breakfast we walked to the playground to let the girls burn off some energy. Plus, today was the first day it hasn't rained in over a week. We missed being outside! This afternoon I had to get some cleaning and wash done and I went to the plant store for our new planters on our porch. We ended our night with dinner at my parents with my brother and his family. 

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