Thursday, May 26, 2016

Day In Our Life

Yesterday was a beautiful sunny day in the 80s. It went from rainy and chilly to summer weather in a week. I'm not complaining- we needed it! Yesterday was a really good day. A preview to what our summer will look like as my girls are now 5 and 3 years old. I started out in the morning painting my nails (I realize if I get a manicure every few weeks I can maintain them myself and change the color when needed). The girls came in and wanted their nails painted, too. Since they are impatient with drying I turned on one of Ellie's favorite songs, "Uma Thurman", and we danced while shaking our hands to dry. It was quite a funny scene.

After dropping Ellie at school Summer and I went to Corner Bakery since I hadn't eaten breakfast yet. She is always so fun to hang out with. I really have enjoyed our one on one time together when Ellie has been in school this year. Overnight she started talking in complete sentences and her new phrases at the moment are "nothing" and "actually, yes" and "actually, no." But, in the cutest voice, of course. She is always making me smile. Next door is a nail salon and I was thinking we didn't have too much time that morning and I really needed a pedicure so I decided to take Summer with me for one. I was surprised by how good she was. She sat next to me the entire time and hardly made a peep.

I love my new sandals!

We picked up Ellie a little early from school because they had 12:00 hair appointments. Summer did great sitting on my lap, but was so serious and not loving it. Ellie was the perfect client. They both got about 3 inches off! Healthy for the summertime.

Summer has started copying Ellie with the hands on her hips. Too cute!!

Summer's shorts / shoes / Ellie's dress / shoes

We went home to use Summer's new sprinkler, but I couldn't get it to work so we just used the hose. As I was spraying them (and they were so excited) Ellie said to me, "Mommy, if you don't get wet you aren't having fun." So, I put on my bathing suit and they sprayed me with the freezing cold water. We had a lot of laughs. Then, the girls had lunch and Popsicles outside while I got some stuff done in the house. 

Summer's swimsuit
 Ellie's swimsuit

I am looking forward to our summer break, which starts next week. Ellie's last day of Pre-K is tomorrow! 

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