Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Window Shopping

I was visiting Georgetown this weekend and took some photos while I window shopped on Wisconsin Avenue. It was a Sunday morning so the stores weren't open, which was probably a good thing! I started with a flea market that I was excited to discover.

A lot of the furniture reminded me of the post I did a while back on French-inspired pieces, such as this couch below:
 I love the detail on the back of these chairs:
These pink flowers made me smile. So pretty!
I fell in love with this blue door. So often I see red doors and this blue is a refreshing change. I love how it looks against the soft gray of the house:
Love this porch & the hanging flowers:
Love the lime green exterior:
My favorite place on the street! I love the red planters & bench on the exterior. Peering into the window & seeing a fabulous red chandelier, I had to go in & see the entire space.
Modern seating with white corner seats & a natural hardwood floor:
I love these tree stumps with a glass table top, which are used throughout:
Sugar caddy!
The fabulous red chandelier!!
Love the white on brick & I want this wall art for my home!
Bringing the natural wood to the walls, and another seating area:
This looks like a simple project and a creative use for a coffee table inside or outside your home:
Outside seating area: I would love to drink coffee here every morning! I love the rustic feeling that is present throughout the space & mixed with the modern furniture & decor.
Yet another seating area with glossy red chairs and bamboo along the wall:
This space has given me inspiration for my home. I emailed the owner to ask about the furniture pieces and the wall art. I am loving this indoor & outdoor space!

This house stood out on the corner with the unique white windows, painted brick, and the black shutters:
I hope you enjoyed my window shopping as much as I did!

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