Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Loving Our New Chair!

I'm very excited about my new chair purchase yesterday at Homegoods. My husband & I had been wanting to get a new chair for our front room- something sleek, but comfortable for watching TV alongside the couch. This is my favorite room so I wanted the chair to look good in the room. I had hoped to find a new rug at Homegoods, and I did; however, after bringing it home I realized the 5x8 is too small and we actually need an 8x10 for our great room. I shopped the furniture section and found this chair and it was love at first sight. I love that the seat is wider than most chairs, and the fabric is a soft velvet. The color is a light blue/gray and goes so well with the dark brown legs. The color goes well with the colors of the room (white, blues, and purples). I also love that it is armless. The chair was $150, but the manager gave me 10% off for small (unnoticeable) scratches on the back legs. It was a successful shopping trip!

In the store:
 In our Front Room:
 Now, I just need a colorful pillow and a foot stool or ottoman to put our feet on.

This was the rug I bought & was inspired by the red in the cafe from my recent post. We have hardwood floors and brown furniture and I love how the red would add a pop of color. Hoping to find the rug in an 8x10 at another HGs. Plus, for the 5x8 it was only $50!!

I've been wanting this rug from West Elm, but it is on backorder until August. I'm hoping they will get new rugs in soon, or I hope to find the red rug in an 8x10 for a much cheaper price at Homegoods!!

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