Saturday, January 7, 2012

File Cabinet Makeover

I bought an old two-drawer file cabinet from Craigslist for $10. It's probably been sitting in our garage for 8 months. I finally was fed up with the piles of paperwork and file folders waiting for a home. I bought turquoise spray paint (two bottles were needed for two coats) and painted the cabinet in our breezeway outside (a covered walkway between our house and garage).

I first took out the drawers, then wiped down the cabinet with a damp cloth. I added tape around the hardware and only did the front of the drawers. After the cabinet was finished and dry I added labels on each drawer using scrapbook paper and an "e" for "Emily" and an "n" for "Nick" to keep our files organized. I love the final project!

The "before:"

And, the "after:"

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