Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What I've Been Up To

While I haven't been as committed to blogging lately as I'd like to be, I've been keeping busy with house projects and, of course, my daughter. Here are a few of the things that have been keeping me occupied:

Ellie is on the move. She just turned 9 months (already!) and is pretty quick these days. She doesn't do a traditional crawl, but instead scoots on her tummy or scoots while sitting with 1 leg out. Pretty funny to watch.

She almost always has something in her mouth whether it's my thumb or a toy- she is getting a tooth any day now. I also went from being a blonde to a brunette and I'm loving it. I've gotten tons of compliments so it may be staying for a while. Ellie and I have been keeping ourselves busy during the days with meet ups with other Moms and babies in addition to our weekly play group.

Pinterest: my obsession (find me here). I'm always pinning! Right now, I'm brainstorming ideas for Ellie's 1st birthday party. On a side note two of my friends just opened up an Etsy shop on paper creations. Very cool! They do everything from invitations to cupcake toppers to banners. Check out their Etsy shop, R&R Creations, and here is a photo of cupcake toppers from a Winter Wonderland party:

Since Ellie's birthday is in April I'm thinking a flower theme. When I think of her birthday I think of the day we came home from the hospital to a front yard filled with just bloomed daffodils and tulips and a pink dusting all over our yard from our cherry blossom trees. Very fitting since we were bringing home our baby girl!

I've also been working on our office/guest room/workout room. We have an elliptical machine and a day bed in this room, but it is primarily used as our office. I'm working on the office space. After weeks of looking on Craigslist for a white desk I finally found a perfect one for only $10. Right now it is in our front room (formal living room) until we sell our current desk. Here is a photo I snapped:

One of my recent projects was spray painting a file cabinet. LOVE it!! It was fairly easy, too. I went with a bright aqua paint. Here is a photo, and I will add more once the room is complete. I stenciled an 'e' and an 'n' on light blue damask scrapbook paper. One drawer for me and the bottom for my husband. It feels great to file away all of our paperwork!

Other items on the office checklist include a diy fabric bulletin board, mail storage, prints, and window treatments. A separate post will follow as more progress is made so check back soon!

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