Sunday, April 29, 2012

Ellie's 1st College Visit!

Ellie just turned 1 and had her first college visit at Princeton University- an Ivy League college, too. No pressure El! On Friday we visited my best friend from high school who is currently living in Switzerland and London. Switzerland with her boyfriend and London for work. And she just got back from vacation in Argentina. She's living quite a life! She was flown to Princeton for job training. Coincidentally this is where she went to college and was just an hour drive for me. So on Friday, her last day, Ellie and I made the drive to go see her. Ellie's new best friend, too- check out the pictures below. We met her in J.Crew (Katie loves to shop), took a nice walk around the beautiful campus, had lunch at Theresa's Caffe, then stopped for her favorite ice cream (mine and Ellie's new favorite, too- chocolate cookie dough) before dropping her off at her hotel. She was flying back to Geneva that night. Even though it was a short trip it was sooo great to see her. We always pick up where we left off and always have a great time together. She really is an amazing friend. Love her!

Ellie pointing out buses

Seriously how cute are the pictures of Ellie and Katie laughing together? After the pictures we went and got ice cream and as we were ordering Ellie reached her arms out to Katie. That's what I mean when I say Katie is Ellie's new best friend, too. Hopefully we get to see her again soon!!

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