Thursday, April 26, 2012

Great Room Rug Debate

I've been searching for a rug in our great room for a while now. This is where Ellie plays, and although she may not mind kneeling on the floor I sure do! I will usually sit on a floor cushion. Not only do I want a rug for this reason, but also to separate the space since our great room is shaped like an 'L.' I've been leaning towards the colors gray and yellow. The primary colors in the room now are brown and blues. The yellow would add a pop of color and the gray would be a nice contrast. Tonight I decided to browse the selection at Overstock. When I opened the page an ad for 15% off rugs popped up on my screen. I decided if I saw something I liked I was going to order tonight. Plus, shipping only costs $2.95! We need a rug bigger than a 5x8, but not bigger than an 8x10.
These were my favorites:

Trellis Rug

Trellis Wool Rug
Soho Grey Rug

Avant-Garde Morocco Rug

I did order one of these and will let you know which one I chose when it arrives. I hope I like it in person as much as I do online!

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