Wednesday, December 12, 2012

20 months!

Ellie is 20 months today! Which means only 4 more months till she turns 2, and only 4 months (plus some) till baby girl #2 is here!

She loves books and puzzles at the moment. She still likes to play house, with blocks, and hold her baby dolls, but her choice is to read books and I can't complain. She likes to read alone or sit on my lap and listen to me. She is also a pro at puzzles. Impressive! Her favorite books are any ones with Santa ("ho ho"), Goodnight Moon, Mary Mack ("mack") and Wheels on the Bus ("bus"). She also says a new word a day, runs to give hugs, looks up and asks for a kiss while reading, and loves to jump and run. Ellie is also shy around new people (just like me) and when she is feeling shy she will lean in and give me a kiss. It's the sweetest thing in the world!

Here are a few recent photos:

19 months, Catching a snowflake on her tongue
19 months
19 months (Ellie is going to have a little sister!)
18 months, giving her doggie a kiss (her over the top pink dog!)
18 months

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