Sunday, December 23, 2012

Santa Claus is Coming!

The day is almost here when we get to see Ellie's face when she comes downstairs Christmas morning. This is the big anticipated moment. We've been reading about it (Up on the Housetop and The Night Before Christmas, to name a few) and talking about it for months. Santa and his reindeer will land on our roof, he will slide down the chimney and fill our stockings and leave gifts under the tree. He will eat the plate of cookies and drink the milk and take the oats for his reindeer.

I've enjoyed wrapping our gifts (a separate paper color for each of us) and have hid the wrapped presents in our basement. Ellie is curious these days. We'll have to come up with better hiding places in a few years! Her big gift is a doll cradle. A nice one- white, sturdy, and made of wood. I can't wait till she sees it and says, "Woah!" We will definitely be taking video.

It will be a busy, but fun next couple of days. We started off the Holiday with dinner last night at my parents (we welcomed home my sister), and a "seven fishes" dinner tonight (again, at my parents). Tomorrow, Christmas Eve, we have our annual family tradition (with my family) in the city. The Light Show, Reading Terminal, and lunch at Maggiano's. We have been doing this every year since as long as I can remember. Now, we have "plus 1's" and lots of kids (4 to be exact and one on the way). Tomorrow night- dinner with my husband's family. Christmas morning- brunch at my parents (after Santa comes, of course), gifts at my in-laws, then home to nap Ellie, and back to my parents for a big Christmas dinner. Lots of laughter and a ton of love. I couldn't ask for anything more!

Merry Christmas!

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