Thursday, December 27, 2012

Scenes From Our Christmas

Santa came on Christmas Eve and filled our stockings and left lots of presents under the tree. The first thing Ellie did when she walked down the steps Christmas morning was immediately take the bows off all of the presents. The shiny colorful bows are what first caught her eye! Then, she noticed the doll cradle. She looovvveed it! She wanted to go get all of her babies and put them in it so she could rock it. Although she loved all of her gifts and has enjoyed playing with all of her new toys, she especially loved all her new baby dolls and doll accessories.

Scenes from our Christmas:

Me: "Ellie, smile! Let me see your teeth!"
Ellie: Sticks her tongue out

 The best one I could get!

You can see the difference in photos from when I take a picture and when my husband takes a picture with Ellie. In my picture (below) I am smiling and Ellie is not (she had enough of the pictures at this point). However, when I take the picture Ellie is smiling. You can bet I am jumping and doing silly things to get her to laugh. The photos of me and her both smiling at the same time and looking at the camera are far and few between. It's the memories though, right? 


Can I just tell you how much I loved Ellie's Christmas dress this year? If you follow me on Instagram I had posted a picture of this box:

I ordered her dress this year from Borrow Baby Couture. I didn't want to spend a lot on a dress I new she would only wear once (this was before we found out she is having a sister). When I saw an ad for this website I was immediately hooked. Such a great idea! Ellie's couture dress was priced at over $200 and could be rented starting at $35. I bought the insurance (just in case!) for an extra few dollars. I also filled out a survey and got my first rental for free! All I paid was just $5 for shipping. What a deal! Plus, the dress was beautiful. I loved the full skirt (Ellie did, too) and the big bow in the back. It had little puffed sleeves and it was just so precious. A classic Christmas dress!

Christmas 2012

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