Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Breakfast Sandwich + Green Juice Recipe

Most mornings I only have time to make myself my usual breakfast (oatmeal) and a pot of coffee. Yesterday morning I fed Summer her yogurt while Ellie had breakfast, then we played a bit before Summer went down for a nap. When I came back downstairs Ellie was still watching her show so I made myself an egg sandwich and green juice. We were out of oatmeal so I needed to make something else that would fill me up.
I made a sunny side up egg topped with sauteed spinach and fresh tomato on a toasted whole wheat English muffin. It was delicious. I made enough green juice for a full glass for myself plus a child size cup for Ellie. I began making this recipe after first trying it at Green Soul. Ellie and I were addicted. Now we make it at home with the same ingredients. I use my own measurements.

Green Juice
2 servings

3 Granny Smith apples, organic
1 Lime
3 cups fresh organic spinach
1 bunch organic kale

1. Wash all ingredients
2. Set up juicer. I use the Breville Juicer. Insert a plastic bag into the pulp container (mess-free and saves on dish washing)!
3. Add whole apples and whole lime on high setting
4. Add spinach leaves on low setting
5. Add entire bunch of kale (including stems) on low setting
5. Pour juice into glass using the attached juice jug

I swear I have more energy the mornings I drink this juice. Ellie loves it, too, and I love that she is getting nutrients from the spinach and kale. I can definitely taste the lime in this juice. If you aren't a fan of lime you can cut it in half. Please share your favorite juice recipes!


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