Sunday, January 26, 2014

Weekend Recap

Saturday I met a friend for coffee at my favorite cafe, Velvet Sky. We worked together about 8 years ago, lost touch, and saw each other again while touring a preschool last week. We had great conversation and I'm so glad we reconnected. Plus, it's nice to have another Mom to have a play date with. The girls had a friend's one year birthday party, but unfortunately we had to miss it because of the weather. Instead, we went to Barnes and Noble (we hang out in the kids section with the books, train table, and Lego table), then got a quick dinner at Elevation Burger. Luckily I had Mum-Mums with me to keep Summer occupied while we ate. Here is she looking oh so cute in her leopard cardigan:
When we got home Ellie helped me feed Summer for the first time. She is such a great help and an awesome big sister. She had Summer laughing while eating. Too cute.
Today we had another 1st birthday party for my cousin's son, Nate. His nickname is "Nator Gator" so they did an alligator-theme party. I wish I got some pictures of the decorations, but I snapped one of the adorable and very generous party favors. The girls had a lot of fun and it was a nice afternoon spending time with family we don't get to see often.
Our favorite baby monitor suddenly died last week (Summer Infant Video Monitor). We cannot live without it. It has been one of our best baby purchases. So, we headed over to Babys R' Us on Friday. We had been using two different monitors for each Ellie and Summer so we wanted to buy a double monitor this time. We ended up buying this Motorola Digital Baby Monitor with two wireless monitors. It is amazing!! We can use the monitor to rotate, zoom, or tilt the cameras while the girls are sleeping. Since there is one monitor we can switch back and forth to each bedroom. The features are awesome and we are loving the upgrades from the Summer Infant. 

My in laws brought over some cute Valentine outfits for the girls from Carters, as well as a cute outfit, jean jacket and sunglasses for Ellie and shoes for Summer. I love the white jean jacket. She had a Gap one last year and it went with everything. I also love the matching heart shirts. This definitely calls for a Valentine's photo shoot!
And, a picture of me and my girls today:
 (Summer, 8 months, and Ellie, two years, 9 months)
 Summer: Gap dress
Ellie: Gymboree dress
Me: J.Crew zipper sweater

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