Monday, March 3, 2014

Weekend Recap

I started off my weekend with a spa pedicure on Friday. My favorite nail salon had an unexpected 30% savings on manicures and pedicures so I upgraded when I used my Valentine's Day gift from my husband. They also gave me a free paraffin hand treatment that felt amazing on my dry hands. This place has the best chair massages and the women give great foot and leg massages and free shoulder massages while drying. Total relaxation. I chose a bright color, Fruit Sangria (the same color I wore when I gave birth to Summer). I was looking forward to this pedicure all week. My phone battery ended up dying before my appointment, which turned out to be a good thing. I wasn't distracted and no one could get in touch with me and I truly relaxed (that doesn't happen often with two kids) and enjoyed every minute.

Saturday morning I did boot camp. I got to class bright and early, but no one was there. I called my friend and she told me class was at 9. I was just there two weeks ago...mommy brain. I had planned to take Ellie to her first ballet class, but I rescheduled for next week. I stayed and walked/ran on the treadmill before class so I got in an extra workout. Again, it was actually nice to have quiet time since I was in a rush to get out of the house.

I just ordered these cropped workout pants with a recommendation from Caycee at Hangin' with the Hewitts. Love her blog. She looked amazing in these pants and I loved the bright pink. When I first tried them on they felt very form fitting and I didn't know if they would be comfortable working out, but they were. They didn't move or bunch and were so comfy. I want them in another color!
I rushed back home after class because Nick was working. The girls and I spent most of the afternoon at the playground. The ground was still snow covered, but the equipment was dry and it was a nice day. I wanted to get outside before we expected another snow storm. Reports initially called for 10 inches, but we've only gotten a few so far. I had hoped my husband would have off today, but he just got a 2-hour delay and I was able to sleep in an extra hour.
I was so excited to take Summer to her first swimming class yesterday morning. I've been looking forward to this for a while. I took Ellie at the same age and it is such a wonderful bonding experience. I was also looking forward to spending one-on-one time with Summer and doing something together. She loved splashing and kicking her feet. She also loved reaching for the toys. She held tight on my arm though and didn't want me to hold her away from my body. Maybe in a couple more weeks she will be more trusting. How cute does she look?! She is wearing Juicy baby (one of Ellie's). I love Juicy Couture for baby. The ruffles are so girly, I love it.
 I took this one as soon as we came in from the pool. So happy!
 Love those cheeks!
There were other baby girls her age in the class. It's nice for her to be around babies her age for a change. Hopefully we can schedule a play date one day for her, too!

The girls napped yesterday afternoon and I cooked: crock pot chicken tacos for dinner, zucchini noodles, a batch of pesto pasta for Ellie, and steamed and pureed carrots for Summer. My parents came for dinner, too. It was so nice having them over, especially since Nick was working late. My Mom always helps me with dishes even when I tell her not to. It really does help at the end of the night. It's nice though because then we can talk. My Dad was having picnics with Ellie in the playroom. Too cute.

And, Summer slept much better last night. She was up a few times before midnight so I ended up staying up to watch episodes of the Bachelor. I am not a fan of Juan Pablo, but it's entertaining. Good for Andi for speaking up for herself. I'm glad they aired their conversation instead of having her leave without saying anything. Between the final two I like Nikki best, but I definitely don't see the relationship lasting. I don't see Juan Pablo being in a monogamous relationship for long. It also really bothers me that I feel like he is using his daughter, "I'm just doing what's best for my daughter and I." We'll see what happens in the finale in two weeks. Lots of drama I'm sure!

We also had the bookshelves hung in Summer's nursery yesterday and looks amazing. Check back next week for her nursery tour! I'm excited to share her room with you!

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