Friday, March 21, 2014

The Luscious List

1) Loving this open back top from American Eagle. And, it's only $30.
2) I'd love to try to make this for the girls for our backyard. It would be so fun even I would love to hang out in here!
3) I really need to figure something out for all our coats/shoes/hats, gloves, etc. It's been driving me crazy seeing all of it pile up on chairs in our front room (the room you directly walk into from the front door). We do not have a separate entryway (wish we did!!) so I need an alternative. I moved everything into our office and am planning to set up a bench and storage in there. I love this one from the Threshold line at Target:
Or, I may just go the Expedit route with lots of storage:
I like this drawer option, too, for smaller items that could get lost in a basket. Whatever can help us get out the door quicker makes me happy!
4) I'm addicted to the daily deal site, Jane. I've gotten some really great (inexpensive!) deals. I check it almost everyday because they do sell out of items. I ordered a pillow cover for only $12 a few weeks ago and it matches perfectly on the couch in our great room. The seller was just back on the site again last week so I ordered another so I will have a pair. She also has an Etsy shop you can check out here. This is a great price, especially when most pillow covers cost $40+. There were so many options it was hard to choose! Here were some of my choices. I chose "Sophie Steel."
5) Grapefruit is one of my favorite fruits and I came across this drink on Pinterest that looks so refreshing. Find the recipe here for this Grapefruit Mojito!

Have a great weekend!

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