Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Rough Week!

The girls and I are on the mend of a rough week and a half of sicknesses. Ellie was the first to get sick with an awful cough, then fever starting last Monday through Thursday. She only wanted to be held by me primarily and wasn't interested in playing. It was tough since I also had to care for Summer. Wednesday I had very painful swollen glands so I went to the Doctor's who said it was viral. Thursday Summer and I also developed the same awful cough Ellie had. On top of my swollen glands I was really sick and had no voice. Sleeping was another issue. Ellie only wanted to sleep with me, but we were both up coughing plus I had to get up with Summer to nurse through the night. We took the girls to the Doctor's and Ellie has strep throat and a double ear infection. Poor girl! Luckily Summer just has a cough and hopefully it won't develop into anything else. Saturday night I went to our local med clinic afraid I may also have strep, but the Doctor said it was bronchitis. That explained my cough and lack of voice. We didn't do much this weekend. I slept when I could and I've gotten some energy back. The girls are back to playing and acting more like themselves. It's so sad to see them not feeling well. Lots of extra snuggling and napping!
It's so tough being sick as a Mom. The littlest things like wanting to read the girls a book or tell Ellie a story at bedtime I couldn't do. I needed the energy to take care of the girls and play with them, but luckily my husband really stepped up and helped out a lot this weekend so I could recover. I also haven't been able to run in over a week- something I'm nervous about with my race in May. I'm planning on a short run this morning even though I still am fighting this cough.

Last Monday before I knew Ellie had a fever I took the girls to Target for a few things. We bought an adorable plastic mason jar for only $3 (bpa-free) and perfect for smoothies. Yes, that was a fun discovery, but what was even more exciting was that we met Charles Barkley! When I first noticed him I texted my husband to tell him. He told me to get a picture, but I didn't see anyone else asking him and I didn't want to bother him, but I did and he was so friendly. When I asked if he could take a picture with my girls, he said, "Sure!" Summer was sitting in the front of the cart and Ellie in the big part. He lifted Ellie up to take a picture with him and you can see Summer staring up at him. As I was taking the picture I was trying to get Ellie to smile and told him that she was so lucky because he was a famous basketball player. He laughed when I said that. Such a nice guy! That was the highlight of our week. Oh, that and I upgraded to the iPhone 5s and love it!!
I have to add that throughout the week all my good friends asked if I needed anything, if they could bring me coffee, or if they could help out in any way. I'm so thankful to have these women in my life. My parents took Ellie for a few hours yesterday evening since Nick had to work. They took her to dinner and frozen yogurt, which really helped me out since I only had to worry about feeding Summer and could put her to bed before Ellie got home. My Mom also made me a pot of homemade veggie soup. It was just what I needed and was so thoughtful. Plus, it was delicious.
I can't believe today is April 1st. In just two weeks Ellie turns 3 so I am busy planning her party and Summer's, too. Summer turns 1 on May 5th and her party will be the on the 10th. It's tough planning two parties at once. I am trying to focus on just Ellie's for now with the exception of getting out Summer's invite. I also want to enjoy these last two weeks of Ellie as a two year-old!

Happy April 1st!

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