Wednesday, April 9, 2014


We are finally all better. What a crazy sickness the girls and I had for the past 2-3 weeks. I finally have gotten rid of my cough, but in the process I pulled a rib muscle. Great timing....this set me back even more with my training. I haven't run in three weeks now. Well, maybe once or twice a week while I was refereeing lacrosse. I am signed up for a 10k this Sunday. We'll see how that goes! :) It is the Donor Dash in Philadelphia. My family and I walk the 3k in honor of my cousin, Alex, who died December 6, 2006. His organs were donated and it's a way we can all come together in his memory. It's a very special day. This is the first year I am also doing the run prior to the walk. As much as I will not be in the shape I had planned to be, I am still looking forward to the run.

Celebrating this handsome guy:
 Ellie and I last year at the Dash, 39 weeks pregnant!
The past couple weeks I've been focusing on getting myself better = early bedtime. I was also just trying to get through the days hoping we would feel better the next. I finally have my full energy back and can finally get things done around the house (and also blog again) just in time for Ellie's birthday on Saturday. I will give you a party recap on Monday. On Friday I am taking her to see the Pinkalicious musical in the city. It is our gift to her. We are keeping with the tradition of doing something together for birthday gifts. Last year we took her to the Aquarium. She will love the musical, I think. Also, because it will be a special date (my mother-in-law will be with Summer).

Saturday Nick has to go to a workshop in the morning so I am taking Ellie to get our nails painted. Her first time by a professional so I know she will feel special. I want to have everything ready for the party so we can spend the day together since Saturday is her birthday. The party isn't until 3- I am hoping she will nap. It will be a small party with immediate family and a few close friends. I have been checking the weather all week and initially they called for rain, but now it looks like 68 degrees and sunny!

Here are a few pictures of the girls and I taking advantage of the weather last week in our backyard with bubbles, of course!

On Ellie: Gap top / Gap leggings / See Kai Run sneakers
On Summer: Gap onesie / Macy's jeggings / Juicy Couture socks

I love this picture above of Summer and the bubble. I love this onesie by baby Gap. Very fitting for her name. Let's hope the sunshine is here to stay!

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