Sunday, April 27, 2014

Weekend Recap + Outfit Post

Friday the girls and I had such a fun afternoon. I took them to see the horses in Valley Green. Ellie was so excited to see the horses! Oh, and she insisted on wearing this 18-month tutu. It fit her waist, but was a little short in the back. It's from Target (Gap shirt/Puma sneakers).
Afterwards, we went to Chestnut Hill. We first stopped in to the new children's store, Villavillekula. The name of the store is the town from Pippy Longstocking. I didn't realize it at first since it's been a long time since I've read the book. I love that the store is named after a children's book! I've been wanting to stop by since they opened a month ago. It's so adorable and they have such great items! Lots of unique, handmade clothing, including tutus and dress-up. A great place to go for gifts. The owner, Beth, was so friendly and so great with Ellie. Ellie was her usual social self and helped put out umbrellas. I let her pick out a new bracelet and when the owner asked to take a picture of her for the Facebook page, Ellie said yes and sat down, put her leg up, angled her wrist towards the camera. It was so cute and made me laugh. Beth gave her ice cream bubbles and Ellie said "thank you" in a very happy voice.
Next, we had lunch at Green Soul. Ellie couldn't wait for her green juice (our favorite) and Summer and I shared the black bean burger. I think one of Summer's new favorite foods is black beans. She loves them. Then, we went across the street to the playground for a bit before using Ellie's new bubbles on the sidewalk. Summer was in the Ergo, but she had fun watching Ellie and I pop and blow bubbles. A woman walked by and commented on how cute Ellie looked sitting on the polar bear blowing bubbles wearing a tutu and bandaids on both knees, which she put on herself. She needed one for a scrape and the other is questionable.
Saturday morning I had a couple club lacrosse games, then the girls and I joined my in-laws for pizza to celebrate my sister in law's birthday. We also had a birthday party later in the afternoon for Ellie's friend, Stephen, at Little Pod. They did such a great job for the party and it's such a fun place for kids. I definitely recommend! Ellie dressed herself again today. Can you tell she loves tutus?! She insisted on wearing her name bracelet from her Aunt Erin and her Tiffany 'E' necklace from her Aunt Mia. She loves jewelry. She discovered both a couple weeks ago while looking in her jewelry box I keep on her dresser.

She was a little sad here, but it's a cute picture of her outfit and her pigtails:
Summer walking with just one finger. Such a big girl! Still waiting for her to walk on her own, but we are in no rush.
I wore my new chambray shirt, which I love. It's lightweight and the sleeves roll up easily so I'm sure I will wear it into summer. I bought these white jeans two years ago when Ellie had just turned 1. They are from TJ Maxx and probably cost $15. They are by Indigo Rein. They are so comfortable, wash well, and are lightweight. White jeans with kids are risky. I wore these for pizza and surprisingly stayed stain-free! I am also wearing my favorite Steve Madden sandals.
We didn't do much today. I went for a long run in preparation for the Broad Street Run next Sunday. Then, did loads of wash and had club lacrosse in the afternoon. Then, it was dinner, baths, and bedtime for the girls. My best friend from college gave birth to her second daughter this afternoon. She named her Emmeline and will call her "Emmy." Such a pretty name! I'm partial to the nickname since she has always called me that. She is a beautiful baby girl and I'm so happy for her and her family!! Hope everyone had a great weekend, too!

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