Monday, April 28, 2014

Summer is Almost 1!

Ahhh I cannot believe Summer will be 1 in a week from today. Tears!! Seriously, I am emotional about it just as I was when Ellie turned 1. I have so many amazing memories of her and Ellie this past year. I was so sad about Ellie not being my only child, but now I know the best thing to do was to give her a sibling. The girls are best friends! I love watching Summer grow and learn new things. I love watching her personality emerge. She was always a smiling baby and a happy one, too. 

One more week of my eleven month old!

Her birthday party theme is "Our Little Sunshine." I thought it fit her name perfectly. Plus, she is the sunshine in our lives. Her and Ellie, of course. Party details coming soon! (Ellie's party recap is coming this week, too).

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