Saturday, April 19, 2014

Dyeing Easter Eggs & Basket Goodies

We decorated eggs this evening and Ellie was a pro after I demonstrated. We brought Summer's highchair outside so she could watch while eating dinner. I made the hard boiled eggs this afternoon and used dye tablets from a Easter package I bought at Target. We used both a spoon and a silicone whisk to dip the eggs. After each dyed egg, Ellie exclaimed, "wow! So beautiful!"
The Easter bunny filled the girls' baskets and hid the dyed eggs. We also plan to toss some plastic-filled eggs in the backyard tomorrow morning while the girls are playing and give them another egg hunt. These eggs contain Ariel stickers and small chocolate eggs. I really didn't give her much candy since she is still young and I can get away with little sweets. In Ellie's basket I put the book, I Had a Favorite Dress, bubbles, a mermaid cup, Ariel dress-up shoes, Peeps, and princess candy. In Summer's basket I put a hooded beach wrap and reversible beach hat both from Pottery Barn Kids. I also added the book, The Crown on Your Head, which I love! I will probably get a separate copy for Ellie, too. I love Nancy Tillman's books. She also got a little toy. I think they will love them!
We have lunch at my in-laws tomorrow afternoon and dinner at my parents. I plan to run in the morning. I have to get in a long run since my 10 mile race is just in a few more weeks. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter and Happy Passover!

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