Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Easter Recap

We had such a fun day on Sunday. It was Summer's first Easter so a special day. We captured the egg hunts on video, but have a few pictures, too. It's much more fun to watch and see Ellie's reaction. She was so happy and excited when she came down in the morning and saw the Easter baskets. We read both books right away and Ellie loves hers. A great girly book! ("I Had a Favorite Dress"). Ellie was also excited to see "treats" in her basket. She did a good job with the egg hunt; although, we had to give her clues on where to look. We couldn't find the last egg until I saw pieces of the shell on the floor where Summer was playing. I had put one in one of her toys and she must have picked it up, dropped it, then put in the toy basket. We also had an outdoor egg hunt. Ellie picked each one up, then shook it to hear what could possibly be inside, then opened each one before going onto the next.
This is her, "I don't hear anything" face (stickers were inside):
I had to replicate a photo I saw on Pinterest. It was too cute not to do with Summer and I already had the props- baby Easter bunny ears and a styrofoam white ball. We eventually got a good photo, but we had a good laugh watching her crawl around in just the bunny ears! Look at her little butt!
While Summer took a morning nap I went for a run. It was so nice to finally wear shorts outside. When I got home Ellie was dressed in her mermaid outfit playing "mermaids." We swam in the ocean, sunbathed on the towel, and looked for treasures. I love her imaginative play!
We first went to my in-laws for lunch, then to my parents for dinner. The girls were spoiled at each of their houses with Easter baskets, egg hunts, and new clothes. It was fun to spend the day with all of our family. I loved the girls dresses this year. Summer is wearing a white Gap dress with Old Navy shoes. Ellie is wearing a dress my mother-in-law bought with her Toms Mary Janes. This is such a sweet picture of the two of them:
Ellie is looking more like a little girl these days:
And, Summer will be walking ANY day now! She has been standing up on her own without holding on to anything and we are just waiting for her to take that step. I love the back of her dress with the bow.
A picture of me with the girls:
And, how amazing is this photo of Summer kissing me!! I will definitely be framing this one. :)
Easter, 2014

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  1. The girls are really starting to look so much alike! Glad you had a fun Easter!