Monday, April 28, 2014

Training Update: 10-mile race

I lost three weeks of training due to my upper respiratory infection. I ran a 10k (6 miles) race on April 13th at the Donor Dash and finished in an hour. That was my goal- 10-minute miles. I ran the entire time even though I coughed for the first 3 miles and my chest hurt. I had also pulled a rib muscle from coughing, which finally just healed last week. I had a good 4 mile run on Easter, but I really have not been doing any runs during the week except during refereeing lacrosse.

My Easter morning run: Under Armour cold-gear top (I ended up taking this off halfway through my run and wearing an Under Armour tank) / Under Armour shorts:
Yesterday I went for a long run. If you know the saying, "the hardest part about running is the first step out the door" that was me. I had a million other things to do (wash, cleaning, errands and returns, food shopping), but I knew I really need to get a run in since the race is next Sunday. I also didn't have a route. My husband suggested I wear his Garmen GPS watch and I'm so glad I did. It was awesome to be able to see how far I had run and my time. I think I want/need one of these for myself. I stopped halfway through at Starbucks to get a drink of water and use the bathroom. I felt pretty good and kept the same pace pretty much the whole time. I did ten minute miles- a pace that is good for me. I ran a little less than 7.5 miles and I knew I would run a couple more during lacrosse in a few hours. I probably ended up doing a total of 9 miles yesterday. This is the longest I've run since before getting pregnant with Summer. I will go for a 6-mile run Wednesday or Thursday this week. I will have to do it either early morning before my husband leaves for work or my mother in law may be able to babysit for an hour since I have lacrosse everyday after school.

I'm thinking this will be my race day attire. I love these Nike spandex shorts. They have a pocket in the back where I held my iPod yesterday. It felt good not to wear the band on my arm or have to hold my iPod. I've had these shorts since college and they are my favorite. I also love this Under Armour top. Really comfortable and I love the material. I am wearing my new Asics Keyano sneakers.
I made an effort to drink a few glasses of water as soon as I got up yesterday morning (in between my two cups of coffee). I ate strawberries and a peanut butter and honey sandwich as my pre-run meal. I cannot run without coffee and I need calories, especially since I am still nursing.
My favorite sandwich!

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