Thursday, July 10, 2014

The Luscious List

I brought this wine for my cousin on Sunday since I know she likes Rose. I bought myself one, too, and had a glass last night. Highly recommend! It's so refreshing. A great summer wine.

Ellie and I have been working outside a lot this week. She waters the garden while I weed the patio. I seriously despise weeding. I'm going to try a vinegar spray on the cracks today to see if it will stop the weeds from growing anymore. I'm glad she loves watering the flowers because it really saves me another job. Teamwork!

Our garden is so pretty- yesterday we picked flowers to bring inside. Ellie picked them out and I let her cut the stems. She was very excited. We also have our first vegetable plant this year- tomatoes. The flowers look healthy, but we haven't yet seen any tomatoes.

Here are the girls smelling the flowers:

I came across this paint color in this month's issue of House Beautiful. I love the color and I'm thinking of painting it on my garage side door. It is called Bold Yellow by Benjamin Moore.

Love these bird hooks for an entryway or kitchen:

Loving this "Happy Birthday" glitter sign from Groop Dealz on sale today. Something you could reuse and it's only $12. It comes in gold and silver.

We are having a play date this morning, then going to the pool this afternoon. Cutting up a watermelon and going for ice cream after dinner. A classic summer day!

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