Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Life Lately: Summer Days

I love iced coffee in the summer time. I've been really good about making my own at home instead of spending money at Dunkin Donuts or Starbucks. If I am buying it then either I'm treating myself or it's "one of those days." I'm still skipping the sugar at home and I just add organic 1% milk. I make a pot of coffee the night before and put the pot in the fridge so it's ready first thing in the morning. It has been so nice not to have to make it every morning, especially the mornings that I'm up early (5am) to run. I've been using this coffee from Whole Foods for $5. Can't beat the price. Plus, it's delicious.

This week Ellie is doing a soccer camp in the mornings from 9-10:00 am. It's at a park just a few minutes from our house. It's where I grew up playing soccer. It's for ages 3 and 4 and I signed her up last minute just to do something different. Usually we are at a playground at this time in the morning so this week we are switching it up. She got her own ball and a t-shirt and the total cost for the week was only $30. So cheap! Plus, I'm meeting new Moms so it's a plus for me, too. Ellie is having fun and that's all that matters!

Since coming home from the shore I feel like I have been so busy non-stop. I had a ton of wash and cleaning to do last week and I'm trying to get some house projects done. I rarely will do errands anymore with the girls because it is!! It takes three times as long and usually I can only get in one errand (if it were me by myself I would be a lot quicker and obviously get more done). Plus, Summer doesn't want to be in the cart anymore, but if she is out she just wants to run and I'm chasing her. This week I ran into TJ Maxx to do a return and at the counter I had to chase Summer out the door. And Ellie still wants to be held sometimes. I felt so worn out last week and just exhausted.

Even taking the girls to the pool is exhausting because Summer has no fear at 14 months and I am following her everywhere. This is her in the first picture running from me as I tried to get her to stand still. The only time I get a break is when I sit down to feed Summer or strap her in the stroller! She is lucky she is so cute and a happy little girl! She always makes me smile. My Mom and I have been going together and she will watch Ellie in the middle pool (pictured below). My Mom's arm is still recovering from her fracture so she cannot pick up Summer. This is where we usually hang out since the water gradually gets deeper, but only to 3 feet. Ellie wears her puddle jumpers and will "swim" and play where she can stand. We sometimes hang out in the baby pool, too.

I love this strawberry suit Summer is wearing. It used to be Ellie's and I had bought it at Babies R Us. It's so cute! I had just gone in the pool (after putting Summer in the stroller for a few). So refreshing!

Because I have been so busy I treated myself to an hour massage last Friday at my favorite spa, 3000 B.C. in Chestnut Hill. Beverly does amazing work. It was so relaxing and much needed. I definitely recommend this spa. I also see Leigh Ann for waxing. She is great, too. Plus, it's in such a lovely area. Sometimes I will eat lunch (alone) at Cake or walk the Avenue window shopping.

I know many other Moms can relate. Although I love Summer's age right now, it's a lot of work especially with a toddler. Summer is learning so much and it's so fun watching her grow. She understands everything I say and without being verbal she will do what I ask. She loves to play and is such a happy, smiling girl. And, Ellie is such a great big sister. She is my little helper with Summer and can help make my days easier. Ellie still doesn't nap so my days are long. We will read books and I will play with her and do arts and crafts during Summer's long afternoon naps, but there are days where I also just need a break and I don't feel guilty letting her watch a couple shows. She is also at the age where she uses her imagination to play and I love listening to her.

Reading books this week and snuggling on the couch:

Here the girls are using a chair to play with all their toys and build a fort. I also have to add that I love Summer's dress. Another one of Ellie's that I saved (I saved all of her stuff) and it's in great condition. It's from Nordstrom Rack. Ellie wore it HERE.

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