Friday, July 18, 2014

The Luscious List

I went to the mall this week and this necklace is on my wishlist. I love the grey one, but I don't like the stones on the border. I'll wait for a 40% sale for the turquoise one.

Gap was also having a sale on top of their sale. I got some great items for Summer, including this adorable blue leopard print dress for only a couple bucks! I also couldn't resist the "Oh Hey, Summer!" tank.

American Eagle is having 20% off everything in store and online. Plus, and extra 40% off clearance. I got this top for only $15. It is better than I expected. The fabric is very light and perfect for hot days. I love the bright orange. I also love this tank and this dress.

I received this fabric paint and I'm hoping to get started on painting our dining room curtains this weekend.

Yesterday my Mom, the girls and I, and my niece and nephew went to the city to Art Splash. We did this last year, too. This year there were two sandboxes filled with pink sand. Of course, it was a hit. I knew there was a good chance Ellie would be playing in the dirt so I threw the tank in last minute to go with the shorts she was wearing underneath the dress she insisted on wearing. Pink sand + sprinklers = a big mess. The sand really didn't come off in the water, but it did come out of her clothes in the wash. The kids had a blast playing in the sandboxes and they looked adorable in pink. Summer didn't go in so I chased her all over the place (since she loves running from me) and watched the kids play. On the way home we all stopped at Custard and Cakes Creamery for ice cream. I highly recommend this place. They are known for their ice cream cakes, which I have eaten twice in the past 3 weeks. It was a very fun afternoon!

A new hairstyle for Summer. I do this to Ellie's hair and this will definitely be a regular for her. So cute!
 Summer also insists on eating a banana now all by herself:
 Visiting family today and Ellie decided to entertain herself by rolling down the hill. Fun!
 She fell asleep in the car on the drive home and was still groggy so she watched an episode of Wally Kazam. That show is kind of odd. But, I always hear her laughing which makes me smile.
Then, we went outside to have a snack and play while Summer napped. Ellie was content playing in the water table so I brought out a couple magazines and my iced coffee and relaxed for a bit. This never happens during the day. If she is outside playing I am usually weeding or playing with her. I really should relax more often when Summer is napping! The weather was perfect today.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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