Monday, June 30, 2014

Dining Room Makeover Project

One of my top projects this summer is to give our dining room a refreshed look. It serves its purpose, but I want it to feel more inviting and more luxurious (on a small budget, of course). I love our black table, but we still have the bronze chandelier from when we moved into the house. I also love our sliding doors, but the cream curtain panels are too plain. This room needs some color. The bar is probably my favorite piece in this room. I don't feel like it looks complete and when I am doing dishes I am looking into this room. I want to love it. I started an inspiration board on Pinterest. Photos taken last Summer, but it currently looks pretty similar!

1) Curtains. I am thinking about painting our panels to recreate this look below. I really like the bold black and white contrast. I already own four pairs of Ikea curtains and will only use two panels. So, I will have two leftover just in case.
Megan at Honey We're Home also painted stripes on the curtains in her office. These took 4 coats of paint.

2) Seat cushions. I plan to reupholster the cream seat cushions on our dining chairs. Light fabric and kids don't go together where eating occurs. I definitely want a pattern and a darker color. I'm thinking a dark purple or navy/turquoise. I love the patterns by Caitlin Wilson, but they are out of my price range. I love Ikat and Spoonflower has a such great selection it will be hard to choose one. Here are a few contenders all from

3) In addition to reupholstering I would like to buy two head chairs, which will also break up the monotony of the fabric. I will definitely shop at Marshall's/Home Goods first, but I am looking for either a tufted chair or one with nail heads. This one is from Overstock and a great deal at $200 for a pair. I love the color, too.

4) I love this black cabinet I painted a few years ago, but I'm thinking of replacing it with something more colorful (either a store purchase or another DIY makeover).

5) Wall Decor. As you may know I have a love of mirrored furniture and these are sconces are no exception:

6) Lighting. We already have recessed lighting and a chandelier that does not match our furniture. An inexpensive option would be to remove the chandelier and spray paint it another color. I would prefer to replace it since it doesn't match my style. My Pinterest "dining room" board shows lots of different options. Something big and bold would help define the space, but I don't want it to block our outdoor view.

I can't wait to get started on this space. Progress posts coming soon!

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