Thursday, June 5, 2014

Sunshine Party: How to Make a No-Sew Tutu

I made Summer's adorable yellow tutu for her first birthday party. I was shopping at AC Moore and I passed by an aisle with all different colors of tulle. I had just called a kids store to order a tutu for $30. I called back and cancelled the order and bought two rolls of yellow tulle for under $5. When I got home I browsed You Tube for "how to make a baby tutu." I followed this tutorial, by Flower Supply. I already had the crochet headband needed to make the tutu. You Tube has become my new best friend. This really is so easy to make.

Double-Layer Tutu:

I used an upside down wide glass vase to hold the headband as I tied the tulle. In the comments section of the video sizes are listed for suggested tulle length. I first measured from Summer's waist to see about how long the tutu should be and doubled it (14"). I measured one piece with measuring tape and used that to cut the rest. I didn't worry about all the pieces being the exact same size because I knew I could trim the tutu once finished if needed. I used the bottom two holes all the way around and it was had the perfect amount of puffiness. I looped each piece of tulle through the crochet hole and tied two knots. Throughout the process I used my fingers to separate the pieces of tulle.

I only used yellow tulle since it was a sunshine party and I wanted it to be bright, but you could also alternate between two colors. You can also add embellishments or a bow at the top as seen in the tutorial.

I loved that I made this myself and it was definitely the hit of the party. It looked adorable on her! I can see myself making many more of these in the future, especially if Summer loves tutus as much as Ellie does.

Summer's Outfit Details:
"One" onesie: Madelyn Ashely Boutique, Etsy
Bow headband: Banner Boutique
Tutu: me!
Shoes: See Kai Run

You can read all about her Sunshine Party HERE

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