Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Weekend Recap: Father's Day + Strawberry Picking

We had an eventful weekend with Father's Day festivities and picking strawberries. This means this post will contain lots of photos! Last year we went to a farm in New Jersey to pick with Nick's Aunt. This year we stayed closer to home and went to a local farm, Maple Acres. This was our first time there and we loved it. We took our baskets and walked through fields filled with pretty flowers, past the animals (pigs, chickens, and cows) to the strawberries. Ellie found the best ones. Summer loved doing it too, then she squished them in her fingers. Ellie was so sweet and helped Summer navigate and find some good berries. I was tempted to let the girls taste them, but I knew they were covered in pesticides so wanted to wash them before eating (luckily they didn't even try to eat them so I didn't have to say "no" to them). When they are washed (and pesticide-free) they are the most delicious berries! So much more flavorful than any ones you would buy at the store. We will definitely be back again soon. It was such a fun outing.

I didn't realize the depth of this shot I took until I went through the photos. It looks like she is either upset about something (and walked off by herself) or she is focused on getting to the fields. Either way I love this one. Her body language is just adorable with her head down and slouched shoulders. I put her in rain boots since it had rained the day before and I wasn't sure if it would be muddy. The boots and jean shorts are a cute look.

The first picked berry!

Love this one of Ellie kissing me. As we were picking berries, she turned to me and said, "I love you Mommy." She will say this at least once a day to me, but when I least expect it. She is so lovable I love that about her. Here, I asked for a kiss. The dandelion she is holding she gave to me and I stuck it in my pocket.

Two tired girls!

Ellie is wearing a tank I just got at Old Navy (this is similar, her hearts are white). Her shorts are Gap and boots are Western Chief.

When we got home I put Summer down for a nap and Nick happily stayed home with her and watched soccer while I took Ellie to the pool where we met my parents. Ellie was more comfortable wearing her Puddle Jumpers and swam and happily jumped and splashed around while in the shallow end of the 5-foot pool.

Sunday morning, Father's Day, we met Nick's parents at the Kitchen Bar for breakfast. The girls are very lucky to have him as their Daddy. He is always playing with them (from blocks to dress-up) and he takes them for walks with their bikes and to the playground. He is like a big kid with them!

That afternoon we went to the Phillies game- our first of the season. This is one of my family's annual traditions. All morning Ellie talked about seeing the Phillie Phanatic. She remembered that last year we didn't see him (he didn't even make an appearance). This year made up for it as we got to take a picture with him! Ellie's face was priceless when she saw him. The biggest excited smile ever. She literally jumped in my arms and we the three of us got a picture (Summer is in the Ergo).

One of the things I love about my Dad is that he is all about family and traditions. We are a very close family and have great relationships. Every year for Father's Day we all go to the Phillies game. I am very much like him in this sense. I put family first and my relationships with family is very important to me. He has always supported me in all areas of my lifeand I love watching him with my girls- it brings back lots of happy memories!

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