Monday, June 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

Friday I took the girls to the children's museum since Ellie had been asking to go all week, but we had other plans. Her favorite right now is the Hospital. Now that Summer is walking she can join in the fun, too. Yes, Summer is walking!! She really took off last week and hasn't slowed down. Just one week prior she preferred crawling to walking and was only taking about 5-6 steps at a time. Things changed last Sunday night and each day after she fell less and increased the amount of steps. Such a big girl! That night we had a picnic dinner at the park. We have a great playground just a few blocks from our house. Nick and Ellie picked up pizza while Summer and I walked to the park. It was the perfect night and I really would love to do that more often.
Saturday morning I got up early and ran (see post here) since my husband was out all day. Saturday was a long day. We were out most of the day and Summer didn't nap well when we got home. I was exhausted! I took the girls to the mall to do a few errands. I wanted to look for shoes for Summer since she needs support now. Plus, her feet are tiny. She is a size 3 and Ellie's feet were a size 4 at her age. I didn't find anything in her size, but I was able to do a couple returns. Then, we went to the playground and played with our water table. Nick picked up sushi on the way home and we all fell asleep early.
Sunday I slept in (9:00!), then we had to do a few errands before going to my sister in law's. My newest nephew, James, was blessed in the church and afterwards had a party at their house. We skipped the church part and had lots of fun seeing family and catching up. Ellie and Summer wore new matching dresses from Target. Our main mission Sunday morning was to buy Ellie a new bike. A bike with training wheels! She is now just a little too big for her Radio Flyer so we bought her this one:
We got a couple good pictures yesterday, too. I wish we could have gotten one of the 4 of us, but Ellie was done with pictures at that time.
Ellie had her 3 year-old check up today and is a very healthy little girl at 39 inches and 32 pounds. She has 20/20 vision and answered all of the Doctor's questions, such as, "What is the first thing you do when you get into the car?" Her answer? "Take my shoes off." Hahaha! I love the things she says at this age! Unfortunately, my Mom fell while running yesterday and fractured her upper arm. It is her left arm- luckily not her right one, but she cannot do any activity this week and her arm will be in a sling for at least 6 weeks. I feel awful because not only is she a runner, she loves her Body Pump class and loves to garden. She also loves to read so she will be able to enjoy that at least. And, I'm sure she will continue to exercise at the gym and garden as much as she can do. We are headed over to visit and bring her flowers as soon as Summer wakes from her nap!

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