Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Family Vacation: Round 2

In July we went on vacation with my family and last week we went with just the four of us. It was nice to spend family time together. It was the first week at the beach in a few years that we had great weather. No rain! Everyday was a beautiful beach day. I read a book from start to finish. Ellie flew her first kite, I took naps on the beach (I felt childless for a bit!), the girls slept well in their unfamiliar beds, a sea gull swiped Ellie's string cheese from her hand, and we ate too much ice cream. Ellie wrote her name all by herself (no help with spelling) in the sand. Proud mommy moment!

Nick stayed at the house every morning while Summer napped, then they met Ellie and I on the beach. This was what my (heavy) trip looked like everyday (and Ellie is in the corner). We played by the ocean and in the sand. I can't remember the last time I sat in the sand and played. Usually I am reading, laying out, or in the ocean. Not getting all sandy. But, I enjoyed it and washed off in the ocean. We spent over an hour building a "sand island."

Summer turned 15 months! She is getting so big and I love watching her personality develop. She looks like such a little girl here! In the heat her hair turns into little curls in the back. It's so cute.

I also took some adorable photos of the girls at the beach. I haven't yet uploaded my Nikon, but here are a couple iPhone pictures. The girls wore matching dresses my cousin, Steff, brought over from Sweden. They are so pretty!

Family Vacation, 2014

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