Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Weekend Recap + Summer 15 Months Update

I was hoping to be completely finished painting the furniture in our garage, but I still have to do the desk. I did finish the dresser and hutch and I started on a chair. I painted Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. It has been exhausting, but at least I've been productive. I have to get the hardware for the dresser and then I'm planning on selling it. My husband watched the girls when I painted last week and my parents took the girls out to breakfast and to the playground on Saturday morning. Ellie was very excited that she had orange juice at breakfast with my Dad.

Here is the dresser minus the hardware and hutch:

It was so nice to get out of painting clothes and dress up for a party later that day. We went to a going away party for my friend, Mindy, and her family. They are moving back to Washington (all the way across the country) to be closer to their families. I totally understand the importance of being near family and having the extra help, but we are sure going to miss them! Mindy (center), Melissa, and I first met at a moms group play date. The three of us clicked and became great friends. That was almost 3 years ago.

On Monday Ellie and I went to check on our tomatoes as we do everyday. They turned red, finally! We were so excited. We literally have been checking them every morning and thought maybe they wouldn't change color. There were about 5 huge red tomatoes. We picked them and brought them inside and I am going to pick up some basil and cheese to make a caprese salad.

Summer 15 months Update:
Summer started giving hugs last week and it's just the sweetest thing. She came up behind me while I was painting and gave me a big bear hug. It melted me! I love that she always has a way of showing her love for me. As a baby she would rest her head on me and as she got older she would give me kisses or ask me to hold her. She also has been calling me "mommy" in addition to "mama." She is at such a fun age, but I feel like I say that every few months! She loves her fruit (watermelon, strawberries) and still loves waffles for breakfast, pesto pasta, and black beans. She will feed herself yogurt and oatmeal and does a great job at it. If she wants to eat she will sit down at the exact spot she is standing and open her mouth. It's the funniest thing! She will also do this when we have ice cream. At the beach she started going up to whoever had ice cream and opening her mouth indicating she wanted a lick. She is always making us laugh. She is a climber and can now climb up on our ottoman and chair with no problem. She even likes to climb up on her little chairs and stand like she is saying, "haha look at me!" She loves books. She will pick one off her bookshelf, then back up till she sits down in my lap. She loves the song "Baby Beluga" and dances when someone sings it to her. She loves brushing her own teeth, "ra ra" (bike) rides, running (usually from me), climbing into her car seat and sitting in it, playing in the princess castle, putting things into a bucket or purse and taking them back out, coloring. She has always been our little sunshine!

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