Friday, August 15, 2014

Bright Colors: Desk Inspiration

I have been doing a lot of painting this past week while taking advantage of my husband's week off from work. I painted our chandelier, frames (post coming soon), a dresser and hutch, drawers, and my next project is this desk:

I love the legs on this desk. I contemplated choosing a glossy white or black, but decided I definitely want to go with a bright color. A kelly green or bright pink. My plan was to sell the dresser, hutch, and the desk. I'm tempted to keep the dresser because I love it so much. Not sure we have the space for it, but I'm sure I can create it somewhere!

I'm inspired by these colors:


I will be painting in the morning and my parents are hanging out with the girls since my husband is working. In the afternoon we have a going away party for my friend who is moving across the country to Seattle. I am gonna miss her and her family! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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