Monday, January 26, 2015

The Luscious List

All of this snow is making me think about spring and color. I love this pop of pink and would love to find a place for it in our house.

I'm thinking of ordering these sheets for Ellie. She needs new ones and I love the sets by Pottery Barn Kids. Right now she is using the flannel ones, but in the spring she will need cotton.
Loving these heart wall decals for Summer's closet:
I'm looking for a round rug for the space where our dining table used to be. We put our Christmas tree in our dining room this year and while I was cleaning I moved the table in front of the hutch/bar. The girls started playing in this new space and I decided it was a good change. I liked being able to see them while in the kitchen and I like the new space. I would like to start using the side door more often instead of the front door, but would also like to add storage for shoes and toys. I found two rugs I like and I want a bright color. It also has be wool (soft) so we can sit and play on it.

This is the "new" space. The black cabinet used to be under the picture on the right side. I actually like it better on the left, but I need to figure out storage space on the right. I think a round rug would look good here and help define the space.
The other side of the room- dining and great room.
(Excuse the mess- Ellie and I had just finished Valentine crafts).

The girls and I hung inside today because of the snow. My friend and her 2 year old son came over to play this morning and a neighbor and her 7 month old daughter came over this afternoon during Summer's nap. It was nice to have visitors since I didn't want to drive in the weather. We played a lot and baked chocolate chip cookies. Of course I have no self control when it comes to homemade cookies! I felt a little better about eating 3 cookies after doing my Insanity workout. Everything in moderation. :) Before bed the girls and I did yoga for kids (on demand). It was very cute!

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