Friday, February 6, 2015

The Luscious List

I had a much better day yesterday and I felt productive. It really helped that my Dad took Ellie to school. Summer slept in and I caught up with some things on the computer (and got to write a blog post), then we ate breakfast together and played before picking up Ellie. We stopped at Home Goods before heading home to nap Summer. I saw a vase there a week ago and didn't buy it, but decided I wanted it and of course it wasn't there anymore. The girls entertained themselves while I browsed by carrying around dolls in a basket and putting on dancing shows for other customers. Below is a video I couldn't resist sharing!

In the afternoon while Summer napped I let Ellie watch a Care Bears movie and I finished the work I needed to for my job. My husband took Ellie to swimming lessons and I did Insanity before Summer woke up from her nap. I cooked dinner and we played Legos and Play Doh while waiting for Ellie to get home. I love how Summer is sitting Indian Style here. The shirt she is wearing used to be Ellie's and I feel like it was just yesterday that Ellie was wearing it! It is Crewcuts and the quality is great (it makes me happy I spent the money on quality clothing pieces that Summer can now wear, too).

I bought these white artichokes at Home Goods yesterday and love them! I'm still playing around with where they will go, but put them here for the time being. I also moved this table behind the couch just to get an idea of furniture placement. I do like a table here, but just not this one. I also recently moved around our couch and chairs. Another post coming soon.
I also saw this large rug at Home Goods yesterday and was thinking it could go lengthwise from the couch to the TV. This color may be too dark for our space, but the size is a possibility.

I finally got my hair cut and colored this week. It was much needed and I really wanted to brighten it up a little bit and have it a little shorter in the front to give me some style. I love my hair long and want to keep it that way, especially in the front. I also have a few long layers in the back. I went to somewhere new in the fall when I couldn't get an appointment with my regular stylist before our fall photography session. I paid twice as much for color that I didn't love. I won't be doing that again!

This isn't a great picture of Summer and I. I think she was coming to give me a kiss. But, you can see my hair from the side. I love getting it blow dried at the salon because it looks so much better than when I do it and it lasts a few days! I love the highlights, too.

Gap and Old Navy are having sales on toddler and baby clothing. 
These are my favorites for girls:

I've been looking for mirrored sconces for a while now for our dining room. Well, affordable ones. I found one at Home Goods a while ago for only $17 and went to a few other stores searching for one more with no luck. So, I returned it. I definitely want two. I like these, but I don't love the shape. They are affordable, though. Only $30 each.

 Another option are these simple gold ones from Pottery Barn.

This would be good piece of furniture for an entryway. We need hidden storage for winter accessories, my bag, and other small items. It comes in 6 finishes.

 This new studio opened in a neighboring town and I'm looking forward to trying out the classes. A 10 pass card is only $120! Check out the website HERE. And, Seasun, the owner is an awesome instructor! I can't wait to try out the TRX and 3D Barre classes.
If you are looking to try a new coffee I highly recommend the Allegro brand at Whole Foods. I tried a few different kinds and the Continental is my favorite. Plus, it's organic. I choose the whole beans, then ground them at the store.
Morning Coffee Station
Spoon Rest / Mug / Sugar Bowl

The girls and I are doing a fun activity this morning. Tomorrow I am doing a class in the morning, then meeting with my cousin and her two kids. We don't have much going on the rest of the weekend. I wouldn't mind relaxing and taking it easy! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!

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