Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Weekend Recap + Valentine's Day

Ellie celebrated Valentine's Day with her class on Thursday. I had plans to be creative for her Valentine's, but being so busy we just bought ones at the store. Summer picked out Frozen ones for her. I had already bought bubbles at Target and lollipops. Ellie wrote her name on each one. We had a fun afternoon putting them together while Summer napped.

Over the past week I had been making Valentine flamingos to give to family using the girls' hand prints. I love the way they turned out, especially because flamingos make me happy. I'm definitely framing one! I found the idea on Pinterest.

Our weekend was pretty low key since it's been so cold and Ellie got the stomach bug Saturday night into Sunday. Saturday morning I woke up to a kiss on the cheek and Ellie saying, "Happy Valentine's Day, Mommy!" It was the sweetest. She was so excited. Nick took the girls to Whole Foods to pick up the pink roses he ordered for the girls and I. Ellie insisted on playing with one of them and she wouldn't let it go. Of course, Summer had to do the same. While I was making my breakfast Ellie hopped up on her stool and said in her shy voice, "this is the best Valentine's Day ever, Mommy." It was so sweet. 

Growing up my Mom always made a special Valentine's dinner and she gave us a card, small gift, and a piece of chocolate. I want to continue this tradition. You can read about last year's Valentine's Day here. So, I prepared a special Valentine's lunch since it was on a Saturday. The girls each got a Strawberry Shortcake character doll (Blueberry Muffin and Cherry Jam to be exact). I had actually ordered these for Christmas, but thought it was too much so I decided to save them. I also gave the girls heart necklaces from Carter's. I bought them each a chocolate heart (which I don't actually plan on letting them eat). Ellie took one bite yesterday and I ate Summer's yesterday. My husband and I usually just exchange cards and I bought him chocolate covered pretzels- his favorite. Usually he cooks me an extravagant dinner (steak and lobster tail).  I made Summer and Nick grilled cheese paninis and Ellie and I homemade pizza (nothing fancy- it was just a sandwich thin, pizza sauce and mozzarella and she loves it). 

 I attempted to do a mini photo shoot, but the girls were too distracted!
Summer is wearing one of Ellie's hand me downs (one of my favorite shirts and it's from Children's Place!). My Mom gave the girls matching shirts (Ellie is wearing hers, Old Navy) and both of their ruffled pants are Persnickety. 

This year my parents offered to babysit so we went to a 4:00 movie to see American Sniper. I highly recommend that movie. It's so powerful and Bradley Cooper did an amazing job. When the movie ended no one in theater moved and we sat there in silence. Afterwards, we walked across the street to the restaurant (Marzano's) and had a delicious meal with a window seat. It was flurrying so the view was pretty. It was a BYO so I brought wine and my husband, beer. I had bruschetta, an amazing beet salad (with goat cheese, walnuts, and a balsamic dressing), and lobster ravioli. My husband had a shiitake mushroom and crab meat appetizer, Caesar salad, and lasagna. On our way home we got a call that Ellie had thrown up. At least it was at the end of our date! She is all better and it only lasted a couple of days. I'm hoping the rest of us are in the clear!

My handsome hubby at dinner. He is wearing my new favorite shirt I gave to him for Christmas (Banana Republic).

Between sickness and the cold weather we've really been staying inside. I started reading this book and it's good so far (I'm about halfway through). 

Next on my list is this one, which I took out at the library. She is one of my favorite authors. 

You can find me on Goodreads here.

I've been spending a lot of time at night in my bed. We had a television on our wall, but it didn't have high definition. So, finally we got that installed today and I catch up on my dvr'd shows in my bedroom. I'm behind on Revenge, Parenthood finale, Girlfriend's Guide to Divorce (my favorite), and a few others I'm sure. Seriously, how funny is this show?! 

Here are the girls hanging out in my bed while the Comcast men install it. Ellie dressed herself this morning (ruffles and a tutu) and Summer loves these footie pajamas and I don't blame her!

 Yesterday we painted and made a huge mess, but that's what the bath is for. Washes right off and the girls had a lot of fun and that's what matters. I put down a plastic tablecloth on the floor and used this muffin tin for the paint. It makes it so much easier. And, a roll of paper. Next purchase: an easel!

I made this delicious vegetarian chili again Sunday night. I will post the recipe this week. It's a keeper!! 

I know I'm so behind on my "clean eating/fitness" posts! I promise another is coming soon. I've had a few emails asking about the program. I am still loving it and on Month 2!

Hope everyone had a Happy Valentine's Day! I created this card via Red Stamp app and sent it to family.

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