Monday, May 4, 2015

Weekend Recap + Broad Street Run

Saturday morning Ellie had a birthday party at a playground for her friend Amelie. I took the girls since Nick was working. I love this playground and had only been there once before (the first time Summer sat up by herself!). 

Afterwards I had to make a quick Target trip to return a dress from the Lilly line. I ended up buying the same dress I had gotten for Ellie in 18 months for Summer. They had a few things on the rack. Then, we went home and left soon after for the Union game. My sister was in town this weekend with her husband. She had planned this event for his birthday gift and our whole family went. It was a lot of fun. All the kids came, too. It was just so great to be all together. We won't see them for a while (except for Face Time). We will miss them!

After the game we all went to dinner, then home to bed since 3 of us had the Broad Street Run in the morning. I was undecided last week if I was even going to run it. I knew I could run 10 miles since last Tuesday I ran 9. But, with everything that had gone on the past few months I just didn't know if I should do it. Plus, I tweaked a glute muscle a few days before and didn't want to further injure it. Anyway, I decided to just persevere and do it. I just wanted to run it and not worry about the time. This was my Mom's 30th Broad Street Run and I wanted to do it with her. She is amazing!! She has only missed it 3 times since she started- her third pregnancy, a broken foot, and for Summer's birth. I hope I can keep up with the tradition. This year was my second Broad Street Run. My sister-in-law, Katie, also ran the race.

I really haven't been drinking much coffee lately, but had 2 K-cups that morning along with a little oatmeal. I made a peanut butter and honey sandwich (my pre-race staple) to eat on the way. And, lots of water. My Dad was nice enough to drive us to the race this year instead of trying to find parking. We got down at 7:10 and immediately got in the long bathroom line. Katie and I decided to go again before the race started (thank goodness we did!), but I missed my Mom at the start. 

The race started earlier this year at 8am; however, by the time we crossed the starting line it was about 8:45. And, it was so crowded at the beginning of the race it was tough to move through the crowd. I didn't start as fast as I would have liked. I kept the same pace throughout the whole race- 9 minute miles. At mile 2 my right hamstring started to hurt and I feared I'd have to stop because of it. But, I didn't stop and eventually it felt better. I remembered that I hadn't stretched really all week. It was something I had planned to do, but just didn't have the time (or didn't make it a priority). The first 5 miles were easy and I felt great. At mile 7 I thought to myself I could slow down and then bump out the last 2 miles. But, I really didn't slow down and just kept going. It was hot in the sun and I got water at every station- a couple sips then threw the rest on my body to cool me down.

My Mom and I finished within 2 minutes of each other. I finished around the same time as last year, maybe a minute later, at 1:35. I was extremely happy with my time since I hadn't been training for it, but really I was happier just to be able to run. It's such a great race. I love that the city comes out to cheer and really encourages everyone that passes by. It's such a great feeling! Makes me love Philadelphia even more. The Broad Street Run is such a great race.

Here are a couple pictures my husband took when I got home. Again, this year he tracked me as I ran the race, which is so cool that he can do that. You can see my race recap from last year here.

Shorts / Tank / Sneakers / Watch (similar)

I took a nap that afternoon when Summer napped. I was exhausted from the week and just not getting enough sleep. Then, of course from running in the heat. Nick and the girls took me to dinner to celebrate my race. I had shrimp stuffed with crab meat. The girls were so great at dinner coloring and doing crafts. Summer is finally at an age where she will sit still and keep herself occupied and Nick and I (for the most part) can have a conversation. I also ran into a friend from High School/College so it was nice to catch up with her!

Dress / Sandals / Necklace (similar) / Watch

 Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Today is the last day of Summer being a 1 year old. She turns 2 tomorrow!!


  1. Congratulations! I'm glad your hamstring didn't prohibit you from finishing the race. And I LOVE your shorts. :)