Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Christmas Week + Festivities

Ellie had her Christmas concert on Monday and it was so adorable. Watching her sing all the words from each song and do all of the hand movements was just too cute. I was so proud of her! Throughout the concert she would look up at me with a huge smile on her face and wave. It made my heart melt knowing she was having fun up on stage. Here are a few pictures from that morning:

We saw Santa last week and the only way for Summer to be a part of the picture was for me to join. I love crying Santa photos, but I don't want to scar her. So, I joined and sat next to Santa. It was a cute photo. After Santa we found those animals that you can ride on in the mall. Ellie really wanted to do it so we did and it was hilarious. I have video of her crashing into the fence and I was laughing so hard I was crying. After that I got on with her. We ended our mall trip with a ride on the carousel.

Last Friday night Nick and I met a few of my friends from college (University of Delaware). It was a really fun night out in the city!

We made sugar cookies over the weekend with homemade icing. The cookies may not look pretty (decorated by the girls), but they are delicious! Soft and chewy. I am making a couple more kinds today and will hand them out with the girls to our neighbors. The girls used the cookie cutters and I put the icing in bags for them to decorate along with sprinkles and mini m&ms.

We also have been painting ornaments and Ellie made a gingerbread house out of foam. This was a great buy from Michael's and a good alternative to candy.

The girls have been wearing princess dresses and capes (made out of blankets) everyday. It's the cutest and I know this won't last forever so I am letting them wear them out of the house.

This morning we are meeting friends for coffee, then a few errands and I am dropping my Santa gifts off for the family I bought for at my Mom's school. She also has her annual Christmas party so we are going to that. We are enjoying the festive season, and hope you are, too!

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