Monday, December 28, 2015

Christmas Recap

Christmas Eve we do a yearly tradition of the Macy's light show, Reading Terminal shopping, and lunch. The weather was warm this year (record breaking)- in the 60s and 70s on Christmas Day. Walking around the city without jackets was a nice change! Christmas Eve night we went to my husband's aunt and uncle's house for dinner and to see his side of the family.
Our crew in the city:
 Summer and I at the Reading Terminal:
Christmas Eve night:
 Sprinkling reindeer food on the lawn:

Christmas Eve I was up until 2:00 in the morning wrapping. Next year I will definitely start wrapping earlier in the week! I had to do the girls' gifts and set them up under the tree (the fun part), our parents gifts, write a note from Santa, and clean up. I also took a few pictures before going to bed. 

Santa's Work!
 Ellie's pile
Summer's pile
Their stockings were very full this year. Santa even had to leave out a couple things in each because they didn't fit. Here is what was inside:

Ellie got the Merida dress and doll she asked Santa for, as well as everything mentioned in this post. Summer also got Elsa and Anna, and she loved the tutu Santa brought. We gave her friend, Frankie, the same one and as she opened it she exclaimed, "Frankie!" She took off her pants and put it on immediately, as well as a crown (on backwards!). After opening every gift Summer said, "Wow!" then posed with the item by saying, "Cheese!" It was adorable. Ellie loved all of her gifts and had a constant smile on her face. She was a pro at unwrapping each gift. Santa left a pink Jellycat bunny on her pile and she gave her the biggest hug. She has been asking for one for at least a year ever since my sister gave Summer one. Santa finally caved and brought her one, too. The girls loved their Play Doh sets and have played with it everyday. They were both excited to receive more Magiclips and a new princess tent. 
These pajamas I am wearing are the comfiest! It looks like they are only in XL online, but may have more sizes in store. 

Nick and I recently bought a new Mac desktop, which was our big gift to ourselves. We needed to replace our five year old Mac. We still exchanged a few gifts and filled our stockings. He bought me these slippers from J.Crew, which I love, but I need a bigger size. He also gave me J.Crew pajamas and my favorite socks, running socks and new headphones I had asked for and new Ugg boots to replace the ones I have currently. I had bought myself new perfume and dropped it in my stocking because I know my husband never fills it. Every year I laugh because there is only one or two things in my stocking so I will usually help him out. :) I bought him these Sorel boots, a griddle, and a running top plus a few more things in his stocking.

We had breakfast at my parents, then visited my inlaws and went back to my parents for Christmas dinner of filet roast, which was cooked perfectly and so delicious. I haven't had meat in a long time and this was so worth the wait. This was the first year we my parents got a picture with all the kids without one of them crying. A Christmas miracle! Ellie and Summer are so lucky to have four cousins who are also their best friends. The oldest, Maeve, is 8 and she still plays so well with Ellie despite their 4 year age difference. 
My dress (sold out online) and boots
Summer's dress and shoes
Ellie's dress and shoes
 The best family pic we could get!

It was a busy couple of days, but always so much fun and the best days of the year! Hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas!

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