Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Recap

Happy Heart Day!

I made a Valentine breakfast this morning. The menu consisted of waffles with a light spread of Nutella and cut strawberries (my favorite), yogurt parfaits, scrambled eggs, ham and bagels. Ellie exclaimed that "this is the best breakfast ever!"

The girls were very excited to open their gifts and even more excited to see the chocolate hearts. I bought the book, You are my Heart, by Marianne Richmond for both of them. I love her books. 

Lately the girls have been into playing house with their princess dolls. They love putting them in the "pool" (a big bowl of water). I found these Barbie dolls that are for water play and thought they would be perfect. They also each got a new Disney doll- Summer got her own "ella" (Cinderella) and Ellie got Tiana (Princess and the Frog). I remember growing up my Mom always had a special Valentine's dinner and wrapped a few gifts for each of us with a small piece of chocolate. I am continuing the tradition with my kids. 

Our festive mantel

The girls and I made these adorable handprint butterflies on canvases for their grandparents. They came out so cute and I plan to frame it. Last year we did the flamingo handprints.

Nick and I went out last night for dinner at one of our favorite restaurants, White Dog Cafe. 

I insisted he not buy me roses this year. I would much more prefer a different kind of flower since roses are honestly not my favorite. He chose well and got me these:

Tonight we went to my parents for dinner and I made a cake for dessert- a heart shaped cake- with my favorite homemade icing recipe. The girls helped me ice the cake. This is only my second time ever making a cake (the first for the girls' Frozen party last year) and this time I didn't freeze the cake overnight, but just let it cool for about an hour before icing it. I dyed a second batch of icing to make the pink heart and top a half dozen cupcakes I made in addition.

And, one family picture with all of us wearing festive attire!

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