Sunday, April 4, 2010

DIY Curb Appeal

I love the HGTV show, Curb Appeal, and I'm sure all of us would love for the crew to come to our house. Now that spring is here we have started on our outdoor space. My husband and brother-in-law worked outside last Thursday all day mulching and digging out bushes we didn't want anymore. It looks amazing!! They also dug out a new flower bed next to the garage and I love the curved space. We bought 3 dahlias to put against the side of garage, as well as small flowers to put in front. We used Right Dress and found the supermarket to have the best prices.

It is recommended that we wait about a month to start planting the dahlias and the other flowers. In the fall I plan to plant daffodils and tulips so I will also have to decide on a spot for those. Now that we've been in our house for a year we have a better understanding of the flowers we already had (azaleas, for example), what our soil is like, and how much sun we get during the day and where it sets. For instance, we can't plant our dahlias where we only get part sun since they are a full-sun plant.

I am no garden expert! I learned all of this from our local plant store where they are the experts! I am lucky that my mother & aunt are also garden experts and have beautiful gardens of their own. I can always ask them for their advice, too. 

I am also lucky that my husband loves working outside- mowing the lawn, raking, weeding, etc. Those aren't my areas of expertise. I'd rather plant and water the flowers!

WHYY radio has a great gardening program called, "You Bet Your Garden." My mom is always listening to this program. Their website is very informative, too. My mom also loves the website, Gardens Alive, which offers a lot of environmental friendly products.

I've also found the website, Garden Guides, to be very helpful. I hope this inspires you to decorate the outside of your house with landscaping and pretty flowers. I will post more pictures as I plant and the flowers begin to bloom!

Here are some photos of my husband & brother-in-law's hard work:

Our gorgeous cherry blossom trees in front of our house (1 on each side):
Front of our house: a line of bushes on each side
The new curved flower bed next to the garage:
My husband doing what he loves!

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  1. your yard looks great and ready for some planting. maybe you can give me some advice once i start my gardening this spring :)