Friday, April 2, 2010

Favorite Room Update

Our new TV was finally hung last Sunday and we are LOVING it!! The size (42") is perfect for the wall. Anything bigger would have looked out of place. Now, my husband and I can watch what we want on different TVs. I also like having the TV in this room because it is adjacent to the kitchen, which is nice to have on while cooking. Here are some new photos:

I now need to find a new home for the pictures that were there previously. I love the collection on the left of the TV- my ceramic pineapple, elephant, and pink flower tea light along with the apothecary jar filled with a white deco mix found at TJ Maxx for $6.

To the right of the fireplace is a corner shelf made with the natural wood that was used for both fireplace mantels. I found the shelf to be difficult to decorate initially, but experimented and found the vases, pillar candles, and picture frames have looked the best. See below:

In order to add height so the vase would be visible, I stood it on top of an upside-down vase:
Next, I used a geometric print "book" (clearance at Marshall's, $5) to hold an apothecary jar filled with silver ornaments I bought during the holiday season. I loved the sparkle so have kept them out for spring, as well.
I love the silver birds and pillar candle holders, both HomeGoods finds.
Next, I added 2 more pillar candle holders ($1 each on my "Lucky Day at Marshall's") and mirror flower frame that was above the fireplace that will eventually be hung.
I added a few of my favorite framed pictures & it's complete- for now anyway! :)

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  1. the tv looks great. and i love how you put together the shelves!