Thursday, April 15, 2010

Crate & Barrel Love

One of my most favorite Home stores is Crate and Barrel. I first discovered this store a while back while visiting California. But, back then I didn't have a home of my own. When my husband and I got engaged I knew that was a store I wanted for our registry. Luckily there was a location in the area by the time I was able to shop there. 

We had a lot of fun adding things to our registry. My husband wanted a part in it, as well, which I loved. I also want to add that I am SO grateful that my husband and I have the same style for our home. We both like contemporary and modern. He trusts all of my home purchases and we can go shopping for furniture together and make quick decisions.

I noticed that some of my registry purchases are still sold in stores so I wanted to share them with you. I bought my drinkware here and love the simple, classic style. Plus, they were very inexpensive (.95-$1.50). They come in all sizes. I bought the double old-fashioned and the cooler glasses. The double old-fashioned is good for a juice glass and also for margaritas! :) I registered for the white Aspen dinnerware. I decided on white dinnerware because we love to entertain and doing tablescapes and white would be the most versatile. Again, I love the classic style. It was at a great price, too!! I am so glad I went with the white because I have had a lot of fun with tablecloths and colorful place mats & napkins. I can use the white dinner plates with different color salad plates to mix it up. I bought a green tropical serving plate & bowl, and the green goes so well with the white dishes. Unfortunately, these pieces are no longer sold at stores.

One of the things my husband really wanted were carafes. After a trip to Holland, he was obsessed with glass carafes filled with water or juice on the table instead of traditional pitchers. We registered for 2 Vinny carafes and love them.

I also received the Evelyn Vase from my registry. A fun twist to the classic glass vase. I definitely recommend this stemware rack that fits perfectly underneath your cabinets (or shelf).

I went to C&B today for a shower gift and purchased a few things for myself, too. I bought a large Bistro bowl- a great pasta serving dish. I bought these colored citronella tealights, which I will put in this candle holder- perfect for summer nights. I also bought a few of these mini Parker bowls in turquoise, a colorful addition to my white dinnerware.  

While shopping, I also fell in LOVE with these items:

Gorgeous White & Turquoise China with a Gold Rim:

Luscious Green & White Hampton Dinnerware: the green is so fun and fresh for summer!

Everytime I come to this store I eye this pillow. It would be perfect for our brown couch, but I can't seem to spend the $50 for 1 pillow....

Here it is against a purple chair:

Another item I've been wanting are these fun, geometric prints

These napkin rings are so fun for entertaining:

As soon as I saw this turquoise leather chair I thought of the chair I bought at a garage sale for $5. It needs to be re-upholstered- the leather seat is torn. But, the C&B chair sells for $1,099 and I'm thinking I could definitely re-upholster my chair for much less. I will have to add it onto my project list! I'm not so sure about a leather chair- I will have to do some research. Take a look below:
 My $5 Torn Leather Chair:

C&B's Marsden Leather Chair:


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