Wednesday, April 7, 2010

DIY Gardening

Better Homes and Gardens has a great landscaping guide on their website that covers everything from the basics to specific issues. They also have a great 8-step process to making a new garden for those who are new to gardening. I found it helpful and hope it is for you, too! 

Below are some great flowers to add to your new or existing garden.
(1 of my favorite flowers- so luscious!!)
(a friend just told me about this flower- great leafy one that will come back every year)
Black-Eyed Susan:
Russian Sage:

Bushes are also a great addition to your garden. They can be great for large areas, will last all year-around, but bloom in the spring. I love hydrangea and azalea bushes. Here are some options from Better Homes & Gardens, The Best of Bushes.


There is a ton of gardening and landscaping information on the web. As mentioned previously, I would also recommend visiting your local plant store as they would be very helpful in choosing flowers. Happy Gardening!

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