Sunday, December 19, 2010

2010 Holiday Decorating

Our tree this year is smaller than last so much that we couldn't even fit all of our ornaments on the tree. I grew up with a (real) tree with ornaments that almost always told a story. Some were made when my siblings and I were young, some were gifts, etc. It was always a family event to decorate the tree. My sister would layer herself with beads for a Christmas picture. My brother would decorate the top branches (he's 6'3"). It was always a fun-filled event. I plan to keep the same tradition for my family. When Nick and I decorated our 1st Christmas tree last year (shown here) I had plenty of ornaments to fill the tree. We start with white lights and layer the tree with ornaments, add red apples, and finish with red bows. Every year since we were young my mom has given my siblings and I an ornament as one of our gifts. I've kept my collection to one day use on my own tree. Last year I bought the same straw ornaments from Ikea my mom has and the red apples at Home Goods. I bought the faux red bows at the Dollar Store. We've also received a few ornaments as gifts. The bride & groom set from my sister in law the Christmas before our wedding. We received a box of of Old World Christmas ornaments for our engagement from my cousin. We also received our blue and cream leopard print monogrammed stockings (Pottery Barn) from her, as well. A perfect gift (if you need an idea for the holidays). I also bought a few silver stars and sparkly balls (hung on our chandelier) from Michael's last year. The only thing missing is a tree topper. I just ordered one from Amazon & hope it will be on our tree in time for Christmas day.

 This one reminds us of our house:

 Ikea straw ornaments:

I picked up a hot pink mini sequined stocking from Target for our baby girl. Next year she'll get a bigger one, but this will do for now since she's not technically here yet. :) I bought more sparkly ornament balls from both Target and the Dollar Store (each package of 6 were only $1) in silver and purple. The purple were from the Dollar Store. I filled apothecary jars and tall vases with them for a festive look. The silver and purple were placed in our front room to match the color theme of the room. A jar of the silver were placed on our black cabinet in our dining room.

 Colored ornaments at Target for only $1!


Pottery Barn silver frosted pine cones in a square glass vase on our mantel:
 Santa Claus bowl filled with $1 mints from Target (yummy, too):

Putting it all together:

I love this $7 star mirrored ornament from TJ Maxx. I saw the exact same one at a floral boutique priced at $23, and a bigger one for $56! I decided to stand it by itself instead of hanging on the tree:

Greens on top of the bar with pine cones & berries:
 Also, along the banister using more of the $ store red bows:

Happy Holidays!

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