Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Creative Cards Display

During the holidays we get a lot of cards. Last year we displayed them on our bar as shown here and this year we made space on our wooden island in our kitchen. All of our picture cards are posted on our fridge. These usually stay for the remainder of the year (sometimes longer). The kids are too cute to remove. :) Below are some other, and more creative, ideas for displaying all of your holiday cards.

Frame display:
  • This one is from Pottery Barn. I would recommend attempting to do this yourself instead of buying it for $150. You can buy a picture frame, remove the glass, and attach wire connecting each side. Use clothespins or mini clips to hold the cards to the wire: 
  • Repurpose a frame into a corkboard and use it pin holiday cards: 
  • Or, decorate on a easy diy wreath:
  • Attach a string or pretty ribbon above a doorway, on an island, a bookshelf, even your banister to attach cards in an easy and very inexpensive way. 
  • You can also forgo the string and attach the cards to the doorway themselves using a removable adhesive and garland:
  • Clip branches from your tree and arrange in a tall vase. Attach cards to the branches by using a hole punch and looping a ribbon through the hole. Place on a console table or use as a centerpiece: 
  • Slip cards (open or closed) under a glass table top:
    Enjoy an organized holiday card arrangement!

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