Friday, December 31, 2010

Updated To Do List

It's Friday and I checked off the 2 major projects (4 items total) on our to do list:
  1. Pick out a design for my new closet (see below)
  2. Go to Home Depot to buy the closet materials.
  3. Visit Benjamin Moore to buy the paint for this dresser.
  4. If we still go with the oil-based paint (the best option), then I will have to leave the house (go shopping) so my husband can paint it. If we go with water-based paint, then I can paint it while the closet is being built saving us another day, saving us the messy clean-up, and saving me from having to be out of my house due to the smell.
  5. Hang shelves in the dining room (pictures to follow).
  6. Create wedding album from Picaboo. Yes, our wedding was back in July 2009 and we do have a smaller coffee table album, but I've been wanting one of those thick albums with cardboard type pages that lie flat. With a Groupon I received a $100 gift card for only $35. This is the classic wedding album I have envisioned!
  7. Make closet dividers for the baby's closet. I thought about registering for them, but a set includes only 5 dividers and I'd rather attempt to make my own. I plan to follow these directions. I just hope I can find the plastic dividers at AC Moore or Home Depot.
Neither AC Moore, Michaels, or Home Depot sells the plastic closet dividers. The container store does though so that will be a day trip one day since it's about a 40 minute drive from my house. However, there is also a Crate and Barrel store there so shopping will keep me occupied. I could order them, but shipping is almost as much as the item itself plus I love looking at all things organizational!

As mentioned in my previous post, the closet is finished, but I still have some rearranging and reorganizing to do. We also finished the dresser. Well, I should give my husband most of the credit. Although I sanded it and helped primed it, he did most of the painting (and the 2nd coat himself). He really helped out this week and I was very grateful! The dresser looks great in white and I can't wait till we get it into the nursery. I plan to line the shelves with colorful paper (instead of painting them) and will post pictures at a later time. 

I have always been a big "to do" list kind of a person and it brings satisfaction crossing items off on my list. I like being productive. A good way to start 2011. 

Happy New Year!

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