Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Fabric Shopping

Yesterday I was shopping for crib skirt fabric. Because my Dwell Studio bedding did not come with a crib skirt and one was needed for my crib I had to shop around. I was looking for one to match the bedding, as well as one that would go with the sheets and white breathable bumper I plan to use until she is a bit older. Here were some of my possibilities:

(I love the print and this would match more with the white bumper)

(A reasonable price, but I decided the ruffle was a bit too much and I wanted a more tailored look)

Then, I saw a post on Young House Love's website on how to make your own crib skirt. It looks super easy and since I've become a pro at using the Heat 'n Bond I figured I would try this instead. So I headed to Jo Ann Fabrics today and bought 3 possible crib skirts. I figured I could always switch the skirts for a new look or use the fabric for another project in the future. These were my final selections, and it was a total cost of $33- less than the Amazon hot pink crib skirt I was leaning towards buying.

The pink diamond print is whimsical and fun, the middle is a solid hot pink, and the last fabric is a pretty teal print:

I will keep you posted on the final pick and the end result!

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  1. great idea em!!! and i think all 3 would look great w/ the bedding.