Thursday, February 16, 2012

Designing the Hamptons

As I was searching "playrooms" on Pinterest I came across this one:

I recognized the prints (Crate and Barrel), but I especially love the beanbag chairs so I clicked on the original source and it brought me to the site for Mabley Handler Interior Designs. I loved all of the additional photos of their spaces, but I picked my favorites to share with you. Lots of luscious designs!

I love the use of orange & blue paired in this space. Plus, this buffet/bar gives us accessory options.

I love this view!
 I like the trio of artwork. It looks like it could be easily replicated with fabric over canvas.
A beautiful white kitchen!

A functional round table with similar round shapes in the mirror and chandelier.
Outdoor living!
A theme in these photos seems to be a pair of something- lamps, artwork, botanicals, ottomans, etc. It gives the space a balanced feel. I like it. I also love all of the calming paint colors- the pale blues, grays, and neutrals- and accessorized with pops of color. Definitely gives me inspiration in my home decor. I hope it does with yours, too!

You can read more about Mabley Handler's interior design in the Hamptons on their blog, "Designing the Hamptons."

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