Wednesday, February 15, 2012

First Art Project with Ellie

Yesterday morning began with an art project I had planned with Ellie (our first): making cards for her Daddy and her grandparents that involved a handprint. I hadn't anticipated the difficulty it would bring. I guess I forgot how squirmy my little one is these days! :) I cut out the hearts the night before (traced with a pencil) using red poster board:

I bought black finger paint at AC Moore. Thank goodness it was washable and non-toxic!

I dipped her hand in the paint and, as careful as I could be, placed it on the heart. At the time it seemed like a total disaster and an art project gone wrong...we were both covered in paint. Here is a picture I snapped getting ready for a bath, but before she rubbed her head, her eyes, and her mouth. That's why I was happy it was washable and non-toxic! (Taken with Instagram).

However, after her hand prints had dried I happily noticed that they came out pretty well. Maybe a finger was missing here or there, but you can definitely see her hand print. Here are her final projects:

Valentine's Day 2012

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