Monday, January 7, 2013

House Projects for 2013

My husband and I want to do a few updates to our home this year. Well, I'd really like to get them done before baby #2, but we'll see how realistic that is!

  • Update light fixtures (great room, dining room, downstairs hallway, stairway, and baby #2's room). That's a lot of new lights. I'm hoping to sell the old ones on Craigslist.
  • Replace kitchen faucet
  • Update vanity in upstairs bathroom and replace medicine cabinet
  • Create gallery wall in great room
  • Add frames along stairwell
  • Wallpaper downstairs hallway (feature wall)
  • Add art to great room (I have a few options I will share)
  • Buy new furniture for the living room (since we sold our couch)
  • I'd really love a painting project! I just have to decide on the room. I'm thinking either the downstairs bathroom, hallway, or living room. I feel like I need some color on our walls downstairs.
  • Finish playroom! I cannot wait to cross this one off my list. 
    • We just need to put in the flooring, then I can move the furniture in the room and add storage for all of her toys that have taken over our great room.
    • Add wall art
    • We have one blank wall in the room adjacent to the playroom (her art room). I was initially going to wallpaper this wall, but it was going to be a lot more money than anticipated for such a small wall. Instead, I'd like to stencil it or add a wall decal
    • Organize all of the art and craft supplies for this space and add storage
  • Re-organize the office space
    • I will be spending a lot more time in here so I'd like to some pretty wall hangings (the Etsy gift card I got for Christmas will be used)
    • Add curtains
  • And, most importantly, complete the new nursery!
    • Figure out the closets- what stays and what goes. Paint the inside of the closet?
    • Furniture placement
    • Curtains for my closet
    • Wall art
Projects are currently in the works!

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